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Salt picking begins on Union Island

Salt picking begins on Union Island


Residents of Union Island were out in their numbers at Big Sands this week, participating in the traditional activity of salt picking.

The salt is formed when seawater, which comes in from the nearby beach, evaporates during the long dry season, leaving behind the sodium chloride (salt) crystals which had been dissolved in the seawater. The salt is harvested by gently scraping it off the surface of the ground.{{more}}

Residents of the Southern Grenadines use the salt they pick to corn fish and for cooking. However, the salt, which is also referred to as “rock salt”, is also used internationally to exfoliate dead skin cells, as an antioxidant to rid the body of toxic materials, and as a home remedy for many ailments and disorders. 

The salt picking is expected to continue for the next few weeks until all the salt has been harvested, provided no rain comes. If it rains, the salt crystals will dissolve.