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Persons upset over painted wall at Sion Hill

Persons upset over painted wall at Sion Hill


A number of persons have expressed dismay over the painting in white, by telecommunications company FLOW, of the stone wall that runs along both sides of one of the bus stops at Sion Hill.

Chair of the Sion Hill Lighting up Committee and community activist Leroy Llewellyn explained on Boom FM yesterday morning that FLOW agreed to the repair and upkeep the bus stop, which they painted blue, but a miscommunication saw the adjoining stone wall being painted in white.{{more}}

Llewelyn said that they allowed FLOW to paint the bus stop in blue, because they are spending money to upkeep it, but on Tuesday morning, he, “was very, very surprised to see the stone wall painted.”

Llewelyn said that persons complained about the paint because, “you don’t paint stone.”

“We were looking at the possibility of using some kind of chemical to try to get all the political graffiti off the stone wall. We were never contemplating painting the stone wall,” the community leader said.

He said there must have been some miscommunication between Flow and the workers they hired, as no permission had been given to FLOW to paint the wall white. Llewellyn also said that modifications cannot be made to public structures without getting permission from the physical planning unit.

Llewellyn said that a complaint has been lodged with FLOW and the company has promised to look into having the water based paint removed.

The community activist added also that they are looking at how they can get rid of the unsightly political graffiti in the area, a remnant from the December 2015 elections, which will be harder job, as it was done in oil paint.

When contacted, Corey Garrett, marketing and communications manager for FLOW, said that the company will soon issue a statement on the issue.