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Vincentian launches lipstick line ‘Rici’

Vincentian launches lipstick line ‘Rici’


Vincentian born Caricia Taylor hopes that the launch of her lipstick line ‘Rici’ would be well received by the public.

The 24-year-old former resident of Spring Estate, Biabou, told SEARCHLIGHT in an interview last Wednesday that she is nervous about the upcoming launch of her line.{{more}}

“I was scared; I am still scared; I am nervous, I am very, very nervous. I know I should be taking the bull by horns basically and try, but I am very nervous because there are things I want to do for the official launch,” Taylor said.

Caricia or Rici, as she is popularly known, told SEARCHLIGHT that although she initially wanted to do an entire cosmetic line, she decided to focus on lipsticks.

“Ideally, I wanted to launch a full cosmetic line, being lipsticks, make-up brushes and so forth, but I am starting with the lipstick … because they are something I generally love; I love lipsticks; my outfit is not complete without a lipstick.”

She stated that her love of make-up is deep rooted, since as a child she enjoyed playing with make-up and this is what pushed her to make this step.

“There was some little lip gloss that you could roll on; they were very greasy and came in some see-through breakable bottle. I would put on the lip gloss…so, I have always been putting on things on my lips. So, dressing up, putting on make-up, I would enjoy that.

“I would find persons asking me as I got older what lipstick are you using; what are you using on your face; what are you doing with this; so, I decided why not try it. Let me research and see how possible it is to bring out a cosmetic and then I decided to jump one day, go with risk,” the young entrepreneur stated.

While the launch is expected to take place in Trinidad and Tobago, she hopes to have some sort of a launch in St Vincent and the Grenadines at a later date.

Taylor also indicated that the 10 shades in the line have been named after persons or things that created an impact in her life.

“For example, I have a lipstick shade that I named after my mother; one named after my father and one named after my sister. So my father, he is affectionately known as Power, so there is a lipstick, the red one and red symbolizes strength and that sort of thing, and I named that one “Power”.

Another shade has been named “Caro,” after her mother.

“… It’s another shade of red, but it’s more on the maroon side, because she is strong as a female, yes, but it kind of gives it that more subtle, that more feminine touch to it,” she stated.

According to Taylor, most of the persons who have shaped her or whom she looks up to were born in June. She has therefore named another shade “June”.

The young entrepreneur also added that the launch of the line was done after countless conversations with God and that several persons both here in St Vincent and the Grenadines and in Trinidad and Tobago are looking forward to the launch of her products.(CM)