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Rubis customers delighted with promotion

Rubis customers delighted with promotion


Rubis customers continue to show their appreciation to the fuel supplier for the free SEARCHLIGHT newspaper presented to them for free, over the past weeks.

Last week, the patrons at the Philo’s service station in Questelles expressed gratitude for the gesture, when those spending $50 or more on gasoline, diesel and TOTAL lubricants received a paper with their purchase.{{more}}

Barrouallie resident Temesha Toussaint, who filled up at the gas station before her journey home, was surprised that she got herself a gift, and thanked attendant Stephanie Hoyte for the token of her loyalty to the service station.

“I usually buy gas here and it’s good that I could get something back. It’s a small token, but it’s the thought that counts,” Toussaint said. “I would continue filling up here, because the service is cool and the gas lasts long.”

Layou resident Owen Delves, who filled up shortly after, had high praise for the quality of Rubis gas. He was not expecting a free gift, but graciously accepted the SEARCHLIGHT newspaper, which he said stands out from the rest.

“Rubis gas is good. I get good mileage from it; the quality is superior.

“I wasn’t really expecting anything but gas, but I am grateful for the SEARCHLIGHT newspaper; it is a good read.”

Meanwhile Rubis retail, commercial and industrial account executive/country executive Elroy Edwards took the opportunity to thank all the patrons who utilize the products and services available at the Rubis service stations.

“We greatly appreciate persons who come to us continually to make use of our products and find this as a small, but fitting token of our appreciattion to you.

“You can look forward to future promotions and campaigns from Rubis, where you, the customer, would be driving away with more than gasoline.

“At Rubis we look forward to your continued support, and we thank SEARCHLIGHT for partnering with us, as we give more to our patrons,” Edwards said.