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Barbadian hikers highly commend SVG’s eco-tourism product

Barbadian hikers highly commend SVG’s  eco-tourism product


A 20-member group from Barbados, named ‘Hiking with Franz,’ has highly recommended St Vincent and the Grenadines as an eco-tourism destination.

The commendation came after a visit by the group here last weekend for a hiking expedition, which saw them exploring La Soufrière volcano on Good Friday, the Cumberland Trail on Saturday and Bequia on Sunday.{{more}}

Tessa Chaderton-Shaw, one member of the group, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Monday, just prior to their departure, said, “We will definitely recommend St Vincent and the Grenadines as an eco-tourism destination to people who care about nature and love the environment and who also care about their own health…. The diversity in the environment, seeing black sand beaches, the white sand beaches, the flora and the fauna, the birds, even our visit to Bequia was phenomenal.”

According to Chaderton-Shaw, the Soufrière Trail was their stand out experience.

“Seeing craters, the new and the old crater and going towards the Leeward side…. It was windy and cold…. It reminded some of us of temperate conditions.

“What was interesting about the hikes is that they were very contrasting in terms of the conditions, the environment…. There were two different trails, which were well kept, in terms of being clean, very well carved out,” she added.

Continuing her high notes of praise, Chaderton-Shaw noted that prior to their arrival here, all systems were put in place by Barrouallie resident Trunos Fraser.

“We had excellent leadership by Fraser Tours and his team…. We cannot complain of any aspect of the organization.”

Chaderton-Shaw said as a group, they have been hiking for several years and are aware of the mental and physical benefits achieved from doing so. They, however, wanted a challenge and a location which was in close proximity to Barbados; hence, St Vincent and the Grenadines was chosen.(RT)