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VINLEC joins regional utility companies at conference

VINLEC joins regional utility companies at conference


Representatives from 19 countries from the CARILEC (Caribbean Electric Utility Service Corporation) body met in Grenada last week, to discuss matters impacting Human Resources, Corporate Communications and Customer Service.

St Vincent Electricity Services Limited (VINLEC), a member of CARILEC, was represented by a four-member team that included senior generation engineer Augustus Ambrose;{{more}} manager, customer services (ag), Fidel Neverson; human resources officer Divia Lewis; and communications officer Tamara Job-Sprott. CARILEC is an association of electric utilities, suppliers, manufactures and other stakeholders operating in the electricity industry in the Caribbean.

The three-day Conference brought together professionals in the fields to draw attention to the importance of linking the three disciplines to effect organizational change. The conference provided the participants with proven Human Resources, Corporate Communications and Customer Service strategies, geared towards assisting the professionals in dealing with organizational and environmental changes in the global environment.

The participants explored the forces shaping human engagement, communications and customer relations and were provided with information on how best to take advantage of these forces and win employees, media and customers’ attention in the era of digital transformation.

Numerous topics on the various disciplines were addressed, namely Women in Leadership; Succession Planning; Cultural Influences on Leadership; Human Resources and Communications; and Leveraging Technology for Improved Customer Service. The recurring idea presented was the connection between “Engaged Employee-Engaged Customer,” which was the theme for the conference.

From the discussions, a number of ideas were put forward on what strategies can be employed by the various utilities to improve employee and customer engagement. At the close of the conference, the participants indicated that they felt better prepared to work, as they now had additional tools and techniques to lead and effect change.

The conference was held at the Grenada Radisson from March 13 to 15.