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Canouan Resort takes legal action against Bynoe

Canouan Resort takes legal action against Bynoe


Canouan Resort Development (CRD) Ltd has initiated legal action against Canouan activist Terry Bynoe – alleging that Bynoe and several others caused the company to lose out on over $1 million in business.

Speaking with SEARCHLIGHT last Monday, Bynoe said that his lawyer Grant Connell had received a document last week Wednesday from the company’s legal team,{{more}} in which it outlined that Bynoe and several others are being sued.

Bynoe explained that Canouan Resort Development (CRD) Ltd is alleging that the company lost out on over $1 million in business when residents of Canouan blocked the checkpoint entrance of CRD property on February 21, after Bynoe was denied access through the property to attend a community gathering at Godahl Beach.

“I wouldn’t say we block their entrance you know. They are the ones who blocked we by having their boom across the road! We were just waiting for them to move it so we could access the beach,” he asserted.

“There is an old saying – ‘justice delayed, justice denied’ – and that is basically what’s happening… You suing me for damages or loss of whatever you call it. I alone can’t block no gate; so the way I see it is an attack on the citizens of Canouan, who are saying they want access to the beaches.

“And if you have an investor who wants to attack its citizens, it simply means you’re not [acting] in good faith; of not having peace with the natives. That’s how I see it.”

Bynoe said that the lawsuit gives him and his legal representative 14 days within which to respond to the matter before CRD Ltd’s legal representative moves forward with the matter.

However, this is not the first time that the Canouan activist has been at loggerheads with the company. Sixteen years ago, an injunction was taken out against Bynoe after a physical altercation occurred between him and CRD security over the issue of public beach access through CRD property.

“Basically, the injunction was sleeping for years and the investors never bring it up to have a hearing on it – it was just sitting there. Now, with recent problems, they filed a new document, say they suing me and others,” pointed out Bynoe.

Additionally, he said that he and other members of the Canouan Island Development Council (CIDC) are scheduled to meet with Government officials regarding the CRD-related issues currently taking place on the Southern Grenadine island, but there seems to be a hiccup over where the meeting will take place.

He said that initially the Government had said that officials would be sent down to Canouan to meet with them on Wednesday, March 30, but recent communication stipulated that the members of the CIDC should travel to mainland St Vincent for said meeting.

“We asked why the sudden change from the delegation that was supposed to come to meet with us. And if it is so pressing that we have to come, we are asking that the Government pick up the tab for transportation and accommodation,” noted Bynoe.

“We are a new committee that has just formed, and we don’t have any cash flow… So, we’re basically just waiting on a response from the Government.”

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, at a press conference on Tuesday, said while he did ask director of Grenadines Affairs Edwin Snagg and Permanent Secretary Godfred Pompey to meet with the group from CIDC, he never said that meeting would take place on Canouan.(JSV)