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Victim of alleged kidnapping released from music label

Victim of alleged kidnapping released from music label


A local soca artiste who recently claimed that he was kidnapped at gunpoint has been released from his label/management company.

This, according to a press release dated March 10 from the chief executive officer of Creative Entertainment Group.{{more}}

In the press release, Dawson Lewis stated: “The decision has been made to officially release Kev from the Label/Management of the company. As far as the company is aware there is still an ongoing police investigation into the occurrences during the time period of Kev’s disappearance and we ask for the public’s patience as well concerning those events.”

Lewis also noted that despite the “speculation and many questions” surrounding the incident of Kevon ‘Kev’ Alleyne’s alleged kidnapping, this was no hoax nor publicity stunt on his company’s part.

“This, however, was no hoax or publicity stunt on the part of this company for the promotion of Kev or the company. We have built and continue to build talent brands of quality and excellence through networking and collaboration with reputable industry professionals.”

The CEO further criticized the manner in which some media houses addressed the matter.

“Entities that supported Kev entirely one year ago have been the lead in demolishing this young man’s character, much based in speculation and less in fact. Creative Entertainment Group does not condone or support this approach or mode of operation.

“Despite the scenario and unfortunate end to the relationship with Kev we are in complete disagreement with the further malicious publicity for which these events are being used by the media.”

Lewis also wished Alleyne well in his future endeavours and in the resolution of the matter. The press release also stated: “…as a company we move forward with our continuing mission to discover, develop and promote Vincentian and regional talents using the professional and creative approach which has brought us success in the past.”

In its March 4, 2016 edition, SEARCHLIGHT reported that ‘Kev’ Alleyne had been found alive and well on March 1 — after being reported missing 24 hours earlier.

Twenty-three-year-old Alleyne had told a SEARCHLIGHT reporter that he had been walking home from the gym when he was forced into a car at gunpoint. After being held captive for several hours, he claimed that he was able to make his escape through a window and fleeing through some bushes.

He also alleged that while he was missing, his captors demanded a ransom of $80,000 from his family.

In a subsequent SEARCHLIGHT article dated March 8, 2016, Alleyne’s mother Leoline Craigg-Jones expressed her displeasure at the previously published article — claiming that the interview with her and her son had been obtained under false pretences, as she had thought the reporter was a police officer.

The reporter in question is however adamant that the soca artiste knew all along that he was being interviewed for a story. SEARCHLIGHT also published a screenshot of a Facebook Messenger conversation between Alleyne and the reporter that indicated that Alleyne had been well aware that he had been speaking with a reporter for the purpose of publishing an article about the alleged kidnapping. The matter is still under investigation by the police. (JSV)