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Rubis continues to reward loyal customers

Rubis continues to reward loyal customers


It is often said that it’s not the gift, but the thought that counts.

RUBIS customers are expressing that sentiment, as they continue to be rewarded with a free SEARCHLIGHT newspaper for purchasing $50 or more of RUBIS Ultra Tec gasoline or diesel and TOTAL lubricants at their St Vincent Automotive Cooperative Society Ltd, St Vincent Motors Ltd, Questelles, Harmony Investments Grand Sable service stations.{{more}}

At the St Vincent Motors Station in Arnos Vale on Friday, March 11, Greiggs customer Victor Matthews, a regular customer, said that he was very appreciative of the gesture by RUBIS to give a free paper for his purchase.

“I am happy for the paper. I really appreciate what they are doing for us and I think it’s a good thing,” Matthews said, as he received his newspaper.

He also praised RUBIS for the excellent service he receives when he comes to the pumps. He had high regard for the attendants and also the fuel and other products that he purchases at RUBIS.

Also grateful for the free SEARCHLIGHT were Wong Matthews of Queen’s Drive and Arnold Clarke of Dorsetshire Hill, who also filled up at the pumps that day.

The men regarded the reward as a small, but wholesome gesture, which they appreciated very much.

“I’m getting a free paper that I don’t have to buy and that’s a good thing and that’s what is important,” Clarke indicated.

“The fuel that I purchase here is more efficient and so this is where I buy gas or at the station in town.”

The men shared Victor Matthew’s opinion about the service received at the station and the products that they purchase at RUBIS.

“The staff is friendly, they are professional and they are efficient. I think what RUBIS is doing here is exceptional and I am glad for the free SEARCHLIGHT newspaper. This is definitely a plus for coming to the RUBIS gas stations,” Wong Matthews said.

RUBIS Retail, Commercial and Industrial Account executive Elroy Edwards said that the rewarding of customers with the SEARCHLIGHT is RUBIS’ token of appreciation to their patrons for supporting the service stations.

“It’s really a win-win situation for them. They are getting value products and top of the line services from our staff, and they are getting the highest regarded newspaper that is available in St Vincent and the Grenadines,” Edwards pointed out.

“The promotion continues for the next six weeks and customers of RUBIS can expect the best from us throughout the campaign and beyond,” Edwards said.