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Rubis resumes exciting promotion with Searchlight

Rubis resumes  exciting promotion with Searchlight


Patrons of RUBIS gas stations were in for a treat this week as the fuel supplier resumed its exciting promotion, which saw customers spending $50 or more at the pumps receiving a free SEARCHLIGHT newspaper.{{more}}

The six-week campaign kicked off on Tuesday, March 8, as free papers were handed out at the St Vincent Automotive Cooperative Society Ltd, St Vincent Motors Ltd, Questelles, Harmony Investment Ltd, Grand Sable service stations when customers purchased RUBIS Ultra Tec gasoline or diesel and TOTAL lubricants.

As the promotion began on Tuesday, March 8, customers graciously accepted the gesture, which they welcomed with open arms.

One customer who was quite happy with the incentive was engineer Daniel Campbell, who filled up at the St Vincent Automotive Co-operative Society pump at Bentick Square.

Campbell indicated that he travels to the far ends of the island on a daily basis and pointed out that his vehicle monitors its fuel efficiency and “from all indications, RUBIS gas is the better gas. I always encourage people to utilize RUBIS. I drive a lot and from what my car tells me, RUBIS gas lasts longer. It is more efficient.”

Campbell also noted that the free SEARCHLIGHT was also welcomed, since he is an avid reader, and feels that SEARCHLIGHT brings the most to the table, where newspapers are concerned.

“I read all the papers and I find SEACHLIGHT to be more objective. If you want balance, that’s the paper you will find it.”

Meanwhile, RUBIS Retail, Commercial and Industrial Account executive/country representative Elroy Edwards hailed the return of the campaign.

“RUBIS launched this promotion last year with SEARCHLIGHT, giving customers the opportunity to get going with the latest news whenever they make the required purchase. They were very pleased and we have decided to do it once again.

“We are about offering value; whether it’s in the form of premium products, network promotion, site activities or collaborations like this, and we are completing our customers’ day with the SEARCHLIGHT newspaper, since many people have developed a habit of reading the newspapers,” Edwards said.

Edwards encouraged readers and customers to get RUBIS, get a free SEARCHLIGHT, and GET GOING!