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LIME gives away Samsung Galaxy smartphones

LIME gives away Samsung Galaxy smartphones


LIME maDe good on its promise and awarded Samsung Galaxy smartphones to the lucky winners in their Valentines promotions.

The winner of the “Smooch4LIME” Facebook promotion was Angella Samuel, who shared a romantic “smooch” photo with her husband, which attracted the most votes on the LIMESVG Facebook page. Angella has been a LIME customer for many years and really wanted to win that prize for herself and her husband.{{more}}

“I am a strong competitor, so when I saw someone else was leading, I started campaigning on my personal page for all my friends’ support and I WON!” an elated Angella declared.

Suzette May was the next winner of the two coveted devices from her participation in the LIME Valentines trivia promotion. May said “This is my second time winning from LIME, so I am very excited because I really wanted to win.” May, who stated that she has all LIME services, continued, “The trivia was so much fun and so easy to play. I tried to stop playing a few times, but I ended up playing again, so I really had fun winning and this upgrade is for me.”

LIME marketing manager Nikala Williams commented: “The Valentines promotions were so much fun, especially the trivia, which I could not resist. Our customers can look forward to many more creative and interactive promotional activities coming from LIME to keep them engaged and keep them winning. This Easter, our customers will get a chance to party for free at premium LIME sponsored events in the Grenadines, such as AM, RUM, UDI, Beach House Party and more by texting “AM & RUM” to 6263 or being the first three customers to sign up for a NEW MyPlan every day. It’s going to be an exciting season.”