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36 health workers graduate from online leadership course

36 health workers graduate from online leadership course


The Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment now possesses a workforce better equipped in leadership skills, after 36 participants successfully graduated from an online programme, delivered through the University of Washington.

A ceremony took place on Monday, March 7, at the Ministry of Health conference room, in which graduates received their certificates from director of special {{more}} projects in the Ministry of HealthDr Audrey Gilkes.

The programme focused on the development of leadership and management skills necessary for working within local, regional and global health environments.

Minister of Health Luke Browne congratulated the participants on successfully completing the programme which, according to communications officer within the Ministry Neeka Anderson-Isaacs, gave them the “opportunity to develop a clear sense of the issues associated with leading organisations and managing people in health care and public health environments.”

“We have a need in this country to bolster and develop and to further improve our leadership and management capacity,” asserted Browne.

He explained that the programme is essentially designed to facilitate participants in “rising to the occasion” of leadership, not only within a work capacity, but also within their communities.

“We all have to purpose in our heart that we are going to perform with distinction in every single thing that we do. However simple or insignificant the task may seem, we have to be ready to do it to the best of our ability.”

He also asserted that as well as exhibiting great leadership skills, persons need to be passionate about the careers that they pursue.

“You have to bring energy and enthusiasm to the table… Whatever motivates us, let it result in a passionate approach to our jobs… Passion is what makes a difference!”

He also noted that leadership doesn’t only involve instructing others on what they should do, but more importantly, leading through the example of their own actions.

Also delivering remarks was Reverend Adolf Davis, who not only congratulated the participants on their achievement, but also urged them to apply the principles of good Christianity in addition to what they learnt on the course within their professions.

Additionally, there were brief remarks from participants Andeana Lyttle-Isaacs and Faustina Ballantyne.

The participants were: Andeana Lyttle-Isaacs, Zoenelle Aberdeen, Averne Adams, Sheisha Adams, Patricia Allen, Neeka Anderson-Isaacs, Asquith Ballah, Faustina Ballantyne, Sharmila Bradshaw, Odinga Browne, Noalla Browne, Rochell Cain, Donelle Campbell, Suzette Cudjoe, Avette Daniel, Tricia de Shong, Fiona Dennie-Pierre, Jadese Francis, Aquanna Gill, Desree Guy, Everad Jones, Neilon Henry, Sudah Labban, Sophia McNichols-Robertson, Colicia Maingot, Marline Jean-Ottley, Cindy Pierre-Charles, Kamarla Questelles, Pearlina Robinson-Mayers, Kondis Robinson-Samuel, Elliot Samuel, Tonya Scott, Vollicia Thomas, Whaneth Webb, Shafana Williams and Cindy Williams-Caesar. (JSV)