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Youngsters receive free health care from WPP

Youngsters receive free health care from WPP


Another 130 youngsters from St Vincent and the Grenadines and around the region were recently the beneficiaries of free health care from the World Pediatric Project.

Last week, doctors and other specialists related to ophthalmology, plastic surgery and speech therapy travelled here from Virginia and North Carolina,{{more}} USA, to give of their time and talent to the children, eight of whom were from outside of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The visiting doctors were competently assisted by local doctors and specialists.

Fifty-five children were attended by ophthalmologists Drs Donna Brown and Nadia Blanchet, while Dr Hao Zhang attended to 55 children with plastic surgery concerns. Twenty speech cases were seen by Miriam Kerr.

The team was accompanied by certified registered nurse anesthetist Mary O’Hanley and operating room nurse Cindy Jeter.

A total of 41 children (21 ophthalmology, and 20 plastics) received surgeries at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

The recent pediatric mission has brought the number of children receiving free medical care to more than 6,000, since the charitable organization began operations in the region, beginning with St Vincent and the Grenadines, in 2002.

The next medical mission arrives on March 31 and will be in cardiology, headed by Dr Moskowitz.

The World Pediatric Project is encouraging parents and guardians who may have children with the above mentioned medical issues, along with scoliosis, dental, orthopedic, and others, to contact their office at Bentick Square in Kingstown, and take advantage of the free services.