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Spate of car break-ins in Kingstown suburbs

Spate of car break-ins in Kingstown suburbs


Popular pannist Rodney Small is among persons who have reported having their vehicles broken into earlier this week, with at least three of those burglaries taking place at Sion Hill.

In an interview on Wednesday, Small told SEARCHLIGHT that he did not want to speculate about what occurred on Monday night, but that other persons had also reported having their vehicles broken into.{{more}}

“So, as much I could say, it’s probably the norm, or somebody who was watching the routine of the vehicle or my routine,” he said.

The musician stated that he parks his car in the same spot every night and that two other vehicles in the Sion Hill area had been broken into the same night his car was targetted.

Small stated that he had just returned from a performance and had intended to return to the car; however, he fell asleep.

“I had to look after my child, because he was fussing. So, when I was putting him to bed, I drop sleep the same time, but I had the intention of going back in the car.”

Missing from Small’s vehicle are three 32 GB flash drives, a gold chain, a MK gold watch, Louis Vuitton and Ray Ban sunglasses, an I-pad, two bow ties, a One Million perfume and his wallet with his bank cards.

On Wednesday, another Sion Hill resident, Kimesha Llewellyn, discovered that her car had been broken into the night before.

She told SEARCHLIGHT that she leaves nothing in her car, so there was nothing to be stolen; all she is left with is the expense of repairing the broken glass.

Redemption Sharpes resident Ivo Joslyn also posted on his Facebook page that his vehicle had been broken into on Monday night, with the burglar smashing a window to gain access.

“This must be one disappointed thief… you can never find anything in my car… no system…,” Joslyn said.

Superintendent Ruth Jacobs of the Criminal Investigations Department told SEARCHLIGHT that apart from the two known break-ins (Small and Llewellyn) in the Sion Hill area, there had not been any other reports of that nature there.(CM)