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Open Campus donates to Catholic Soup Kitchen

Open Campus donates  to Catholic Soup Kitchen


The Guild of Students of the University of the West Indies Open Campus, St Vincent and the Grenadines made a donation of food items to the Catholic Soup Kitchen in Kingstown on February 23.

This donation was made to assist the organization in providing meals to the less fortunate on a daily basis.{{more}} The Guild of Students in fulfilling its community service initiative for this academic year will also be volunteering at the Soup Kitchen at the end of the semester.

Head staff member at the soup kitchen Bridgette Bowens thanked the Guild Executive members and students of the Open Campus for their kindness in providing this much-needed donation. Guild Chapter secretary Samantha Williams noted that in addition to students having a well-rounded University experience, giving back to the community is an essential part of that process. Guild Chapter chairman Nick Francis expressed thanks to Bowens and other staff members at the soup kitchen for their service to the community and to the Guild Executive members and students for making this initiative possible.

Head of the Open Campus St. Vincent and the Grenadines Deborah Dalrymple also commented on the initiative: “I would like to say how pleased I am at this initiative by our Guild of Students. In addition to offering the opportunities for Tertiary Education, the UWI Open Campus is also charged with Outreach and Community Development at the local level. I am reassured that our students are taking this mandate seriously.”