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Langley Park Gov’t holds Career Day as part of Literacy Week

Langley Park Gov’t holds Career Day as part of Literacy Week


A career day was the highlight of the Langley Park Government School’s celebration of Literacy Week which ran from February 15 to 19.

Hosted for the first time, the effort was deemed a resounding success.{{more}}

The event was the brainchild of co-ordinating teacher Sheverne Marshall-Cato, who expressed satisfaction with the effort on the Career Day.

“The day exposed the children to different career choices, so at an early age they will know exactly which career they hope to pursue…. Too often students enter secondary school and don’t know which career path they wish to take. Also it is a way to get parents involved in their child’s or ward’s development,” Marshall-Cato said.

“I was enthused to see so many students dressed up, portraying different careers… Parents even accompanied their children to school and taking pictures… It was a proud moments for the students, parents and staff of the Langley Park Government School,” she added.

In reciprocity, the teachers themselves had their input, as they were decked in school uniforms throughout the day.

“As teachers, we too were dressed as students, to show our students that we were once students and we went through the same stages… Also it helps the students to be more relaxed, knowing their teachers can come down to their level,” Marshall-Cato reasoned.

Other activities which were part of the school’s 2016 Literacy Week were Read Aloud Day, which involved a Dialect to Standard English translation competition; a writing competition among all grades; Math Focus, which also involved all levels of the school; Read My T- Shirt Day; and various performances by teachers throughout the week.

The theme of the week was “Reading For Life”.