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Bynoe elected president of new Canouan group

Bynoe elected president of new Canouan group


The Canouan Island Development Council (CIDC) has been formed and an executive elected to lead the organization.

At elections held at the Canouan Hard Court on Thursday, February 25, Terrance Bynoe was elected to lead the organization, whose purpose is “to work for the good and general welfare and the development of Canouan and its residents{{more}} and to foster a better relationship between residents, investors and the government of SVG.”

The other members of the executive are: Duane Lewis – 1st vice-president; Andrew Foyle – 2nd vice-president; Peter Laidlow – 3rd vice-president; Valcina Gregg – secretary; Zico Garraway – treasurer; Shanique Pompey – assistant secretary/treasurer; Hansel Henry – PRO; with Lisa Frederick, Shelly King and Casita Laidlow as committee members.

The executive will serve for two years. Currently, the Council is developing its constitution and would be registered as a non-governmental/nonprofit organization.

The organization’s motto is “Striving for a better Canouan.”