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Plans already in motion for Greiggs Heritage Festival 2016


The Greiggs Garifuna Council, with the Greiggs Rastafarian Progressive Society, the Greiggs Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society and the Greiggs Adolescent Group are in the planning stages of commemorating National Heroes and Heritage Day on March 14, 2016.

Collectively, these organizations refer to themselves as The New Tribal Generation (TNTG). {{more}}The Greiggs Heritage Festival will be celebrated under the theme “Resurrecting The New Tribal Generation” and the mantra or motto “Concept Over Crowd.”

According to a release, the Greiggs Playing Field will be transformed into a model indigenous tribal village, with huts being constructed by the Greiggs Rastafarian Progressive Society. These huts will be constructed to reflect the technique used by the ancestors, like the huts at the site of the original indigenous village discovered at Argyle.

Cricket and football knockout competitions are already being held every weekend on the playing field, as part of the activities leading up to March 14. After the huts are completed, there will be a week of activities from March 7 to 13. Activities will include:

1. Marble pitching and top spinning competi- tions

2. A roller race throughout the village

3. Obstacle races and tug-o-war

4. Target practice and ring games

5. A French evening called “The French connection,” in which French teachers will discuss the French influences that helped to shape our history and that have been retained in many surnames and the names of villages, towns and natural and man-made landmarks. Prizes for the various competitions will be awarded on the day of the event, March 14.

Persons or groups wishing to occupy huts are required to pay a fee of $20 in advance; they will be issued a receipt by the Greiggs Garifuna Council. Anyone wishing to occupy huts at short notice on the date of the event will be charged $50. The proceeds will go towards the cleaning of the area after the event.

Persons and groups occupying huts are encouraged to utilize whatever organic materials and leaves they wish to use to decorate and complete their huts. A prize will be awarded for the Best Hut in the Best Hut Competition. Occupants of huts are also advised to create innovative costumes, in order to make their presentation more authentic and convincing to visitors. A Best Costume award will also be presented to the hut dweller with the most genuine concept. Stoves, barbecue pits or other modern cooking implements are prohibited on the playing field on March 14.

All Vincentians are invited to take a nostalgic journey back to the days of tribal simplicity in Greiggs.