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Police following leads in vicious attacks on women


Police are said to be following a number of leads in relation to the vicious attacks carried out last week on at least three different women.

Speaking at Police Headquarters Monday, Commissioner of Police (COP) Michael Charles said that investigations have led to persons being questioned and it is possible that an arrest will soon be made.{{more}}

He, however, noted that the name mentioned in certain forums and on social media was not the person who was responsible for the attacks.

Last week, after Josette St Hillaire of Murray’s Village, Sherisse Veira of McKies Hill and a woman in the Kingstown Park area were viciously assaulted, it was speculated that the attacks were carried out by the same man.

Persons on social media began blaming a man who had been charged a few months ago for similar offences, but COP Charles said that the man was not responsible for these attacks.

The women were attacked last Tuesday, February 9, minutes apart, but the attacker was scared away by persons who came to the women’s aid.

The incidents spurred discussions and sent shock waves throughout the country, as persons expressed concern that someone would attempt such brazen attacks on unsuspecting women in public places. (LC)