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LIME to wipe away up to 80 per cent of customers’ outstanding debt!

LIME to wipe away up to 80 per cent of customers’  outstanding debt!


LIME is welcoming customers back to their network over the coming weeks. In February and March, LIME customers with an outstanding balance can get up to 80 per cent of their outstanding debt wiped clean!

This initiative comes against the backdrop of difficult economic times, and SVG’s and the Caribbean’s leading full-service telecommunications company is going out of its way to help its customers settle and reconnect their LIME service.{{more}}

The company is introducing a Debt Amnesty programme that gives every residential and business landline, Internet and mobile customer with an overdue balance owing for one year or more the opportunity to have up to 80 per cent of those unpaid bills cleared completely. Even customers who have been disconnected for six months or more can get a 15 per cent discount off their debt.

Customers are encouraged to take advantage of this special offer by visiting any LIME store or call the Credit Control Department at 452 1250 for more details.

“We understand that some of our customers may have problems paying all of their service bills,” said Wayne Hull, LIME St Vincent country manager. “We will always try to help customers who are trying to pay. This special amnesty offer is generous and far-reaching. It is a way of providing customers with the support they need to help them gain peace of mind and get back on track by having their service reactivated, debt free and hassle free!”