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Let public scrutinize bill first, says Queen’s Counsel


Queen’s Counsel Parnell Campbell has appealed to the Government to allow the public to scrutinize and comment on the bill which is being proposed to penalize parliamentarians for boycotting the House of Assembly.{{more}}

“I caution the Government that before such a bill is introduced it should be published in the newspaper, as the Government does from time to time for public scrutiny and comment.”

Campbell made his comments last Monday, while speaking on his weekly television programme ‘The Law and You’.

He noted that to pass such a bill at this time would only make the current situation worse.

“It isn’t every problem which can be solved by legislation and the Government has a responsibility not to do things which would tend to escalate the tensions already existing in society.

“So wisdom should be allowed to prevail. You shouldn’t try to solve one problem by creating another problem,” the experienced lawyer stated.

Campbell said that as strongly as he feels about the opposition boycott, he feels that the Unity Labour Party Government should not pass what could be a badly drafted bill, which does not take several matters into consideration.

“So, I would plead to the Government, don’t introduce the bill just yet. Let the public have a chance to see what it contains and to comment on it.”

Additionally, he stated the proposed bill might not necessarily be what the situation requires.

“…A word to the wise should be enough.”

He further stated that he hopes the Opposition members would turn up to the Parliament and debate the Appropriation Bill next week; however, if they do not, passing such a law may destabilize the situation which we have now.

“Let us hope that wisdom would prevail on all sides.” (CM)