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Ahdrenalin Carnival kicks off Vincy Mas 2016 presentation

Ahdrenalin Carnival kicks off Vincy Mas 2016 presentation


Ahdrenalin Carnival has launched their Vincy Mas 2016 presentation “How dare you? – The Burlesque Sensation”.

This year’s presentation sees six sections that consist of frontline and backline costume options, said to be designed by some of the region’s finest carnival costume designers. The sections (Moulin Rouge, L’Heure Verte, Scandal, Teaser, Creole Goddess and Peek-A-Boo), range from EC$550 to EC$1,195.{{more}}

For in-tent registration, the first phase takes place February 17 – 20, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. daily. The second phase will commence Friday, February 26, 2016. Non-resident masqueraders may register via Deposits on costumes are EC$400 (Frontline) and EC$200 (Backline), payable by cash, cheque or money order.

Addressing last year’s issue, Ahdrenalin Carnival commented, “We took away a very valuable lesson from last year’s truck situation. While were not the first band to experience truck difficulty on Carnival Tuesday, we are ultimately responsible for ensuring that each masquerader has the time of their lives with us, regardless of if the occurrence is directly or indirectly a fault of ours, such as the truck.

“For 2016, we have much to prove to everyone and also ourselves. We’ve raised the quality of our product significantly, from our costumes to our on-the-road experience. We owe this to our masqueraders. We’ve assessed and re-worked. We’ve reemerged as an even more dedicated band today because of 2015. Our improvements are all round, from our costumes, to our newly relaunched website, our customer service and on-the-road experience. We thank our loyal sponsors and masqueraders for sticking by us, as they add to our strength.”

According to the band’s release, there are several discounts available to masqueraders. Masqueraders who played in 2015 get $100 discount; those who have played with the band for three or more years get $75 discount. There is also an early registration discount of $50 for anyone who registers before April 1, 2016. Discounts, however, can’t be combined. Their package includes: breakfast, lunch, drinks and refreshments on the road, and goodie bags filled with products provided by band sponsors.

Ahdrenalin Carnival captured the 2015 “King of the Bands” title with their presentation “An Eastern Interlude.”

For more information email [email protected], or look for Ahdrenalin Carnival on Instagram and Facebook.