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Tus-T Water launches ‘Start Bright’ initiative


‘Start Bright,’ an initiative of Tus-T Water, has been formally launched here. The new breakfast initiative comes on the heels of a successful self-sustaining pilot programme that ran from November 16 through December 4, 2015. This launch marks the beginning of Phase 2 of three roll-outs, which will now serve 49 children within 12 schools in six districts. The initiative is being spearheaded by All Islands Recycling (AIR) Inc.{{more}}

Founder and CEO of AIR Inc Dwight Hillocks says the expanded programme will in this next phase provide approximately 1,960 free school breakfasts to local children.

According to Hillocks, this will more than double the number of children fed since the programme’s inception, with additional growth expected as the programme nears full implementation by September 2016. At that time, more than 50 per cent of all primary schools in SVG are expected to have their own self-sustaining breakfast programme, Hillocks added.

Phase 2 of the programme is expected to run through March 24, and will continue to be supported by the original formula that incorporates a three-step model, to help each school support its own breakfast plan.

According to Hillocks, everyone can help this programme become sustainable, by adopting a number of practices. These include: recycling empty plastic beverage bottles and giving them to participating schools and drinking Tus-T water where proceeds from its sale will be returned directly to the school breakfast programme. Persons can also contribute $1 by texting 123 to 5446 from their Digicel phones. All supporters and contributors are eligible to receive ongoing prizes.

The AIR Inc founder and CEO notes that there are several benefits associated wit starting the day with a nutritious meal, with better learning being the focal point. He is encouraging all Vincentians to get involved and lend a hand to their local schools.

“Together we can all help to brighten a child’s future,” Hillocks asserts.