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LIME Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager receives ‘Hero’ award

LIME Marketing and Corporate  Communications Manager receives ‘Hero’ award


Marketing and Corporate Communications manager of LIME Nikala Williams was named a hero and received that award from the Eastern Caribbean Marine Managed Areas (ECMMAN) last Tuesday.

ECMMAN’s project coordinator Tasheka Haynes introduced the awardee by stating “She is high spirited and full of life and loves nature. She is energetic and lifts the spirits of those she comes into contact with and a champion for the environment.{{more}} She is real and not afraid to get her hands dirty and she know how to use a shovel. She is outstanding and that’s what makes her a Hero!”

Nikala accepted the award with a high-spirited speech, expressing her gratitude and enthusiasm for the project. She made mention of the natural beauty of St Vincent and the Grenadines and feeling responsible for doing her part to preserve and get as many persons as possible to experience its beauty.

Williams also shared her take on the lion fish, it being one of the greatest threats to our marine life.

“Who would have thought there would be a problem we can fix by eating? I used to think the lion fish was poisonous, but now I know it’s not, I love eating it. It’s really a delicious white flesh fish and I encourage everyone to eat more of it. Housewives, cook it for your family. As Mr Harry said, to get rid ah dem, we have to eat dem!”

Tasheka Haynes also expressed gratitude to LIME for their partnership, which contributed to the successful execution of several projects in 2015. Nikala said that LIME is looking forward to continued partnership with the ECMMAN project in 2016.