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Supporters urged to stay strong at NDP ‘Victory Rally’

Supporters urged to stay strong at NDP ‘Victory Rally’


New Democratic Party (NDP) activist Collin ‘Hitman’ Graham, on Saturday, encouraged persons to continue protesting the results of the December 9 General Elections, stressing that the party is certain that the elections were stolen.

“The NDP still pressing gas…tonight I want to applaud every single one of you and the reason for that is because you are here tonight to show you are the real soldiers behind the NDP,{{more}} the ones who would not back down, the ones who will continue to fight, the ones that will continue to be defiant in the face of the desire and the need for justice in St Vincent and the Grenadines,” shouted Graham, while stating that the Unity Labour Party (ULP), like the NDP, knows that the elections were stolen.

Graham was speaking at an event at the Layou Playing Field, which the NDP called a ‘victory rally’, although they lost the 2015 elections to the ULP, 8 seats to 7.

Since the 2015 December 9 elections, the NDP has staged protests, most of which have been held in front the electoral office on Bay Street.

Graham, a radio personality here, urged persons to continue to protest in front the electoral office, while using the radio programmes and social media to voice their support of the NDP, which he says is the legitimate government of the country.

He stressed that while persons are stating that NDP supporters do not know why they are protesting, that is not the truth. He said that they are protesting because the country had elections and these elections were not free and fair.

“…We know you cheat, but then now you come and say you did not cheat because these figures say we beat the NDP. They don’t want to prove that they cheat. The evidence that can prove that they cheat is the same evidence they do not want to hand over. They have the evidence lock up in the electoral office,” said Graham, who added that he believes if the NDP gets to inspect the ballots, they can prove that the elections were stolen.

“…and that is why we protest at the electoral office, because that is where the evidence is to prove they cheat. If you say you win, I challenge you to release the evidence and come out and prove the NDP wrong,” shouted Graham.

He said that the country is filled with corruption, as a number of police officers who were supporters of the NDP in the last general elections have been since transferred from their original positions and placed in areas far from their homes.

“Police get transfer…all the members of the police, stand firm, we are with you, we feel your pain and we fight for you to as well, said Graham.

All the speakers who took to the podium at the ‘Victory Rally’ expressed the same sentiments as Graham, stressing that the elections were stolen by the ULP.

Nigel ‘Nature’ Stephenson who defeated the ULP’s Jomo Thomas in the elections in South Leeward said that despite the numbers, the NDP did not lose the last elections.

“We are not sad, we are in a celebratory mood, because we know we are the people’s government. The NDP was denied the government by a bunch of bandits. It is only a matter of time before that illegitimate government crumbles,” said Stephenson, who opined that government ministers are not comfortable in their positions and certain ULP candidates do not believe that they (the ULP candidates) won their seats.

“The NDP is on to you and we understand now what we did not understand in past elections. We now have the evidence and we will ensure that the illegitimate government constituted by Dr Ralph Gonsalves is going to fall. The NDP has the evidence and the people will soon know the bunch of bandits and thieves that are in the Government and once the elections are called, they will get the government they deserve,” said Stephenson, who added that in a few months time, the NDP will form the next government.

Head of the NDP’s Young Democrats Nick Francis said that the elections were not free and fair, although both local and foreign observers claimed it was so.

He said that the youths are protesting for justice and free and fair elections and persons must understand that the fight will continue until justice is served. He encouraged the youths to not be afraid to exercise their right to peaceful protest, while fighting against political victimization, corruption and poor infrastructure.

“We voted for change but were robbed,” said Francis, who added that the struggle for freedom continues.

The hundreds of yellow clad supporters also heard from activists Laverne ‘Gypsy’ Phillips, Maia Eustace, Luzette King, Benjamin ‘Ben’ Exeter (Central Leeward), Godwin Friday (Northern Grenadines), St Clair Leacock (Central Kingstown), Roland ‘Patel’ Matthews (North Leeward), Daniel Cummings (West Kingstown) and Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace (East Kingstown).

Exeter said that there will soon be a bye-election and the NDP will win by a large margin. He said that despite being beaten, locked up and charged for offences alleged to have been committed during protest, he remains resolute and focussed, as he is not fighting for himself, but for his people.

“We won fair and square and we are not giving up,” said Exeter.

King, who also has charges in courts related to protest action, said that people are fedup of the ULP and want the NDP to govern and that is what is pushing the protest action. She said that the NDP, led by Eustace, has a plan and vision and they are determined to implement that plan and realize that vision.

She said that they do not want persons to think that the protest action, which was into its 49th day, was “a nine-days talk,’ that is why they protested on Christmas Day.(LC)