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Mother of four calls for justice after attack, attempted rape

Mother of four calls for justice after attack, attempted rape


Ottley Hall resident Roxanne Ferdinand wants the man who attacked her at her home to be brought to justice.

The mother of four told SEARCHLIGHT that on Friday, January 22, after taking a trip to the public bath at about 11:30 p.m., she was attacked in her porch by a masked man.{{more}}

“I went to the bath to collect water and while coming up from the bath, someone attacked me in my porch and kicked me behind my head.”

She also alleges that her attacker picked up a stone and repeatedly beat her in her head until she was unconscious.

“I fight off half the mask and saw part of his face and he start to fight with me. He got a stone by the edge of my porch and he start to beat me with the stone in my head. He continued beating me until my whole face …swell up and I was unconscious for a while,” Ferdinand stated.

She also alleges that her attacker tried to rape her, but did not go through with it because she was menstruating at the time.

“He pull down my pants from behind…he beat me constantly with the stone until I was unconscious; I scream and bawl, but because of the music on Friday night… nobody could have really heard me screaming.”

According to Ferdinand, her two younger children, aged four and two years old were at home during the time of the attack, but were unable to help her.

The distraught mother said she reported the matter to the police, but alleges that nothing is being done by the police to help her out because of “nasty rumours” that are being spread about her.

“…I hear they saying bad rumours about me. I mean my past don’t have anything to do with my future; this is my future. Everybody has a past…so my past doesn’t have nothing to do with my present life; my present life is stable and is good now.”

Ferdinand also noted that her house had been broken into on several occasions, with her television and cellular phone having been stolen.

“I don’t know what’s going on. I really need some answers,” the distressed mother said.

Police, however, told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday that they have no record of Ferdinand having made a report in connection with the incident.(CM)