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ECMMAN launches mural, song and music video

ECMMAN launches mural, song and music video


Local talent took the spotlight last week when the Eastern Caribbean Marine Managed Areas (ECMMAN) launched a mural, song and music video, all produced by local artists.

During a media brief at the National Insurance Services (NIS) conference room on January 26, Shanique Stewart, a 22-year-old female artist entrepreneur, {{more}}was revealed to be the artist behind the mural on the Massey Stores building located on Upper Bay Street.

“I started this business in 2015 and since then it has led me to opportunities such as the ECMMAN project to do mural works. Although I haven’t yet acquired a university degree in fine arts, I am constantly working hard to perfect my art,” Stewart said during brief remarks.

“With hard work, dedication and God’s leading, anything the heart desires is attainable and this is just an example of what God has done for me.”

The young artist first caught the attention of ECMMAN’s project coordinator Tasheka Haynes, after she completed a mural at VINSAVE pre-school in 2014.

Following that, Stewart, along with another young artist, Rashida Samuel, did body painting for ECMMAN’s launch last year.

“To be honest, I’m really glad that ECMMAN has been here, because it’s a struggle for artists such as myself in small country and they just [shone] a light upon us,” Stewart stated.

She said she designed her mural ‘Our marine life, it’s a beautiful thing’ in answer to the questions: What makes our marine life beautiful?’ and ‘How can it preserve its beauty after?’

“The mural was basically created with the intention for the audience to discover, imagine and understand the message behind the mural. This was to show that by creating and maintaining a healthy and environmentally friendly attitude and involvement, both the land and the sea would definitely have a positive impact to the preservation and beauty of the aspects of marine life throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines,” she said.

“The images that you can see on the mural can help to preserve the marine life and enjoy the beauty that it unfolds.”

Stewart disclosed that she sometimes worked seven days straight, but thanked God for the power to finish the job. She also praised her brother, Daniel Stewart, who she says was a great help during the painting.

“His support really helped in the completion of the mural as displayed on the wall today,” she said.

ECMMAN also launched the song and music video “This is who we are!” which was vocalized by local artistes Keith Currency, New Starrz and Mentalist. The song was written and produced by Mark Cyrus, who along with Calvert Jones shot the music video in one day.

“We wanted to show persons that hey, we’re beautiful; we have some of the best scenery and some of the best water around and if we don’t protect it we’re not going to have it for our future generations,” project manager of ECMMAN Tasheka Haynes said.

“We were really happy that … he got what we wanted to say about preserving the environment and so forth.”

The ECMMAN project, which is being executed in six OECS territories, first launched campaign activities on May 22 last year.

“This project seeks to really put something on the ground to be tangible to make change in people’s life.”

Haynes said the project has successfully launched a livelihood project, held diving training, and are providing ice boxes for all fishing boats that leave the Calliaqua area, in an effort to improve the quality of fish that is sold there.

ECMMAN also named Nikala Williams, marketing manager of LIME SVG, a hero. Williams said LIME is looking forward to continuing to be part of ECMMAN’s activities.(AS)