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Digicel throws support behind NTRC I2 competition

Digicel throws  support behind NTRC I2 competition


The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission’s (NTRC) Ideas and Innovation Competition/I2 Competition will continue to receive support from telecommunications services provider Digicel.

“This competition is geared towards developing the youths and nurturing their creativity and that is one of our main areas of focus,” stated marketing manager at Digicel Danielle Cupid on Thursday, January 14.{{more}}

Cupid made the remarks at the National Insurance Services (NIS) conference room on Upper Bay Street, after she handed over five high end smart phones to the Girls’ High School (GHS) group Inovatori, the winners of the secondary schools mobile application category.

All the members of Inovatori – Rene Gurley, Breanna Marksman, Betricia Stowe, Aliya John and Delena Forde were presented with DL810 smartphones by Cupid.

The group had, moments before, made proposals for a taxi tracking mobile app, which is designed to benefit tourists and also Vincentians.

“This competition gives youth an avenue to bring their ideas to life, while rewarding them and this is very positive and we support the initiative wholeheartedly,” said Cupid, who added that they have been supporting the initiative since its inception three years ago.

Digicel’s contribution this year amounted to over EC$2,000.

Other supporters of the competition included the Ministry of Education, National Insurance Services (NIS), the Centre for Enterprise Development (CED), Searchlight Newspaper, Toastmasters Organization, Hot 97.1, St Vincent and the Grenadines Broadcasting Corporation (SVGBC), IK TV, Fanfare events, King Computer Corporation, National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and ITFX Solutions.