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Bandits beating, robbing motorists


Are there groups of bandits operating here that are robbing and beating unsuspecting motorists who are lured into stopping their vehicles by women?

It is alleged that sometime over the weekend, a male, driving along the Colonaire stretch stopped to offer a woman, decked in all white, a ride.{{more}} When the woman opened the door, two men emerged from nearby bushes and relieved the motorist of a number of items, following which the robbers fled, dragging the woman with them.

On Wednesday, officers at the Colonaire and Georgetown police stations said that there had been no reports of a crime of this nature. An officer suggested that maybe the incident was not reported.

Meanwhile, two weeks ago, a female doctor was attacked in the Canash area by a male and a female, a few yards from her home. The male had accused the doctor of running over his female companion with her vehicle and when the doctor got out of the vehicle to investigate, she was attacked and pulled to the ground by the woman, while the man attempted to drive away with the vehicle. The duo fled after the woman’s husband, who had been alerted to what was happening, arrived on the scene and discharged his firearm into the air. The matter was reported to the Calliaqua Police Station.

Last week Wednesday at Sion Hill, an elderly man told SEARCHLIGHT that he was at home eating on his veranda when some young women passed and asked him for some water. He said that he gave them the water and minutes after they left, he heard a noise in his yard. When he went to see what was causing the commotion, he was struck on the head by a male who was burglarizing his home.

The elderly man, who sustained a laceration to his forehead, said that he thinks that the young women who asked for the water set up the attack.(LC)