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SVG Diaspora Committee of New York elects new executive

SVG Diaspora Committee of New York elects new executive


The SVG Diaspora Committee of New York has begun the year by electing a new executive, which will continue to be led by chair Maxwell Haywood.

Haywood, who was elected at the annual general meeting, is joined in the leadership by vice-president Glenroy “Gobels” Phillips; general secretary Philmore Sprott; treasurer Dawn Dopwell;{{more}}assistant secretary/treasurer Camille English; public relations officer Sherrill-Ann Mason-Haywood; trustees Peter “Poskie” Burke, Atiba Williams and Garnes Byron. The elections were held at the Friends of Crown Heights Educational Center in Brooklyn on Saturday, January 16, 2016.

Chair Haywood says he looks forward to “an exciting year,” which will see the launching of a website and a Cultural Arts Association (CAVUSA – Cultural Association of Vincentians in the United States of America) at the end of January.

According to Haywood, the committee will focus on several broad strategic goals for 2016. These include strengthening and consolidating diaspora institutions created by the diaspora committee; establishing a clear and distinct presence on the Internet with the launch of a website; membership recruitment and development; increasing public awareness of diaspora issues; creating greater partnerships with other Vincentian organizations for programme delivery; and establishing stronger linkages with non-Vincentian communities in the USA, especially other Caribbean diaspora communities.

Major activities for 2016 include the launch of the Cultural Association of Vincentians in the USA (CAVUSA) – Saturday, January 30, 2016; the launch of Vincentian American Chamber of Commerce (VACCI) in April; a fund-raising BBQ on May 14, 2016; a Diaspora Leadership Workshop: Migration, Caribbean Diasporas and Development – June 11; Black Tie Diaspora Awards Gala – Sept 17, 2016; Community Consultations on SVG’s National Diaspora Policy on a date to be announced and Diaspora Week/International Migrants Day (IMD) – December 18 to 24, 2016.