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Stepz4Christ sing for groceries to give to less fortunate

Stepz4Christ sing for groceries to give to less fortunate


Instead of hosting a bake sale or passing out raffle sheets, one Catholic dance ministry chose the “sing for supper” approach, in order to give to the poor last Christmas.

For two nights, on December 21 and 22, the Catholic Stepz 4CHRIST dance ministry visited households in Kingstown, Cane Garden, Villa and some parts of Glen and serenaded the residents as a means of giving to the less fortunate.{{more}}

“The dance ministry began the serenading venture to engage the younger members in a traditional Christmas activity,” said ministry group leader, Shervone Alexander.

“We set out to promote the season of Christmas as that time of sharing and caring and decided to sing for groceries, instead of sorrel and ginger beer, as is traditionally shared when persons serenade.”

Alexander, who is also the liturgical dance instructor, described the season as a time where having a “good meal” on Christmas day was important to most Vincentians. She explained that the four-year-old ministry considered families who could not always make ends meet, particularly during the Christmas time.

“Interestingly, persons seemed impressed with what we were doing and why we were doing it. The speech outlined why we were singing; then we changed the lyrics to one of our popular local Christmas songs so as to explain why we were singing for groceries. By the time that song ended, persons had already gathered groceries from their kitchen to put in our basket,” she said.

For their efforts, Stepz 4CHRIST was able to package seven food boxes and distribute to families in need on Christmas Eve.

“I remember the great big smile on one mother’s face, when she saw the gift wrapped box filled with groceries. It made me smile inside, I was happy to know that Stepz 4CHRIST was able to facilitate a transfer of groceries from some households to the less fortunate,” the ministry group leader said.

According to the ministry treasurer, Charlene Wells, being a part of the carolling venture gave her the opportunity to “offer my voice as another form of sharing God’s love,” an opportunity that she said was definitely worth it.

She noted that it was a joy to see the smiles and happiness that radiated from the persons who received food boxes and she described it as “a blessing for us all.”

Wells also noted that while Stepz 4CHRIST is recognized by many as just a dance group, persons should also recognize that it a ministry, where it is important to engage in community outreach.

“[I] am happy that God spoke through the dance coordinator and the Holy Spirit…led and guided this dance ministry through this small venture. I am definitely anticipating next year with bigger ideas,” she said.

Since 2011, the ministry, whose vision is to praise God and minister His word through dance, song and dramatization, has hosted Gospel dance productions in Bequia and on mainland St Vincent. In addition to making serenading an annual event to help the less fortunate, Alexander declared that the group will “remain guided by the Holy Spirit,” as it pertains to community service.