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Stubbs wins ‘Best Nine Mornings Community’

Stubbs wins ‘Best Nine Mornings Community’


The village of Stubbs, for the fifth consecutive year, has walked away with the award for the Best Nine Mornings Community.

Stubbs edged Barrouallie into second place, with Layou placing third and Carriere, fourth.{{more}}

President of the organizing committee Rosita Snagg told SEARCHLIGHT that she believes that her team’s ability to work together is what is responsible for their continued success.

“…because of our ability to mainly work together as a team. We do work together as a team, whatever we do; we pull together as a team; we have a team responsible for building the stage; there is a team responsible for cooking; there is a team responsible for drama; there is team responsible for the other activities that we do together and we all meet and we decide.”

Snagg also credits their success to the planning, which she says begins in September and focuses on issues that affect the community.

“We start our planning up in September, so that we have an idea of what we,re going to do. We will focus on a theme in terms of trying to say what is relevant to the community. One of the other things that I really think helps is that whatever we do pertains to the community, so that the community members can follow the drama in particular,” she noted.

She credits her team which includes: Keith Caine – vice-president; Albert Harry – public relations officer; Yoland London – master of ceremonies; Faith Odle – chair of the local committee and Donna Lewis – assistant secretary-treasurer.

Snagg, who has been participating and organizing the community’s Nine Mornings activities, told SEARCHLIGHT that they are ecstatic about their win, despite the difficulty they faced coming on the heels of general elections.

“I must say we are all ecstatic; we have been messaging one another congratulating ourselves, because this Nine Morning in particular was a bit difficult; we wanted to unite the community, because it came just on the heels of general elections. The emphasis was placed on really bringing the community together, ensuring that we have our usual high standards and I think we have achieved that, mainly because we have been able to continue our winning trend, which now makes it five, high five.”

Snagg disclosed that for this year’s drama productions, many of the seasoned dramatists allowed the younger dramatists to lead the plays, as a way of incorporating the youth into the Nine Mornings activities.

“What we have started is to train new dramatists, so that we have a cadre of young persons, as a matter of fact, people like myself and Albert Harry and Naja John, who would have been the lead dramatists over the years, we kind of stepped back and allowed some of our young dramatists to take over this year. And that is what we intend to do as we move forward. We intend to give our young people a chance, because if you don’t do that…the Nine Mornings will not live on and we want it to live on for generations.

“…So what we intend to do is to gradually pass on to our young persons,” the president of the organizing committee stated.(CM)