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We must now embrace unity – GG

We must now embrace unity – GG


The representative of Queen Elizabeth II in St Vincent and the Grenadines, Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne, has called on the nation’s people to unite, as the country attempts to move forward following the 2015 General Elections.

Speaking at the swearing in of new Cabinet of Ministers, which was held on Monday at Heritage Square, Kingstown, Sir Frederick said that as a nation, we must now embrace unity in our efforts towards developing the country.{{more}}

The GG’s words came after New Democratic Party (NDP) supporters held a protest march followed by minor road blocks in Kingstown on Monday. The NDP, led by Arnhim Eustace, has refused to accept the Unity Labour Party (ULP) as the victors of the December 9 general elections.

Sir Frederick said that our country is steeped in Christianity, but there is division because of a number of things, including politics.

He said that while at church three weeks ago, the pastor, during a sermon, asked that each member of the congregation turn to each other and say “God loves you and I love you.”

“…So we all did that, but after it was done, I reflected on the exercise and asked ‘do we really love our neighbours?’”

He said that he, as the Governor General, is very concerned about the division in society which has been made worse by the general elections and he wonders, “why we cannot bring all of our people together?”

“My personal opinion, we have been depending on institutions, the party and the church and they have failed to do so; so, my question is, can you, as an individual, do anything to bring our people, together? We are all one Vincentian people regardless of how we vote and if this country is going to progress we need unity,” stressed the GG.

Sir Frederick said that in his opinion, we cannot move forward unless we unify our people, “so my charge to all these members of Cabinet and to you is that tonight before you go to sleep, have a conversation with yourself and if you believe in God, invite him also, and ask yourself, what can I as an individual do to bring all our people together?”

Ballantyne also used the opportunity to congratulate Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves and the members of Cabinet, while also congratulating the NDP, the Green Party of Ivan O’Neal and the Democratic Republican Party (DRP), headed by Anesia Baptiste.

“…because it’s all of those people who contribute to our democracy,” stressed Sir Frederick, who added that he would like to remind members of Cabinet that they represent not only their party, but all the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines. (LC)