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ULP supporters take to streets to celebrate victory

ULP supporters take to  streets to celebrate victory


As soon as word hit the streets on Wednesday night that the Unity Labour Party (ULP) had, for the fourth consecutive term, won the general elections in St Vincent and the Grenadines, Kingstown and various constituencies in which the ULP had won were transformed into carnival scenes.

Just as they did in 2010, the ULP narrowly edged out the New Democratic Party 8-7 seats,{{more}} with the ULP gaining substantial ground in terms of the popular vote — 52.5 per cent to the NDP’s 47.5 per cent.

Supporters clad in party colours and waving flags and rags, honked their vehicle horns and danced in the road in Kingstown chanting the party’s slogan: ‘Four Inna Row’.

At the ULP’s headquarters at Richmond Hill, supporters partied behind a truck playing music before heading to Calliaqua where political leader Dr Ralph Gonsalves and his son, Camillo Gonsalves, the new representative for East St George, gathered to celebrate the party’s victory.

As his vehicle approached the pedestrian crossing just outside Camillo Gonsalves’ constituency office, the cheers and chants intensified as the elder Gonsalves waved at his supporters before making his way into the office for an interview with reporters.

Camillo, who received 3124 votes to the NDP’s Linton Lewis’ 2521, hopped on to one of the party’s trucks and with the use of a microphone, thanked the electorate for their support.

After alighting the truck, Gonsalves made his way through the thick crowd and was greeted with hugs.

Disc jockeys even went as far as mocking the NDP by playing their popular party song “Get rid of them,” much to the delight of laughing ULP supporters.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, party stalwart Sean Frederick could harldy muster words to describe his party’s victory.

“We know going into this election it was going to be tight and that it wasn’t going to be a clean sweep.

“In terms of the turnout to rallies, we didn’t look at crowds. We knew that on election day we had to mobilize and we organized in order for us to bring out the voters in order for us to be victorious today,” Frederick said, adding that he is looking forward to the Government’s implementation of promised projects and programmes.

Another supporter, Jennifer Caine, said she felt “really good” that the ULP was returned to office.

“I am happy that Ralph gone back in government. I didn’t have no doubts at all because I know he going back there. We been want to give them 12,” she said.

Kenlyn Clouden, another ULP supporter, said she felt overwhelmed by the party’s victory and stated that she did not envisage it would have been so close.

“I think we would have get more than that. Everything that is going now, I just want to see he (Gonsalves) carry it forward – the airport, education revolution and so on,” she said.

Celebrations continued long into the night, with supporters gathered on the playing field dancing and singing.