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Statement from SVG Christian Council following post-election unrest


December 10, 2015

Fellow Vincentians, we have gone to the polls and exercised our democratic rights. We have expressed, by ballot, whom we want to form the government and to lead this country for the next five years.{{more}}

If yesterday we defined ourselves by parties and colours, today we must divest ourselves of such attire and put on robes of state.

We therefore appeal to you to let wisdom, good sense and charity prevail in all that we say and do.

We, Leaders of the Christian Council, call for calm and the rule of law.

Together we must find the best way to ensure we preserve our young democracy. In the midst of the many allegations that abound, let us remember that the only challenge to an election result is evidence that proves wrongdoing. Anyone with such evidence is obliged to report this to lawful authorities, International and Caribbean Observers and the NMCM.

We are one people, one Vincentian people under God, and it is together that we must forge ahead to build a nation on those enduring virtues and values which are commensurate with our dignity as human beings. Love, respect, unity, solidarity, the common good, moral integrity, tolerance, among others, are goods we should promote in all facets of life and living and in all our relationships and interactions. And at this time more than ever, we need to invoke those which would ennoble us and keep us in right relation with God and man.

Let us keep a still tongue, a calm heart and pray for good sense and justice to prevail. Remember it is not good enough for justice to be done, it must also be seen to be done.

We also ask that no partial result be handed to the Governor General. Let us be patient and wait till we are abundantly clear that we have a final result. Then let us all abide by the result and begin rebuilding unity in our nation.