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Southern Grenadines divers represent at Barbados International Lionfish Derby


The results of the Barbados International Lionfish Derby, held December 5 and 6, are now in and Team Good Neighbours, with divers from Mayreau, Union Island, Tobago and Barbados, won the top prize for the largest lionfish culled during the two-day derby.{{more}}

“With 11 teams bringing in a total of 897 lionfish, the competition was very strong,” said team captain Nancy Saul-Demers.

“Our scouting dives before the derby with West Side Scuba really paid off. When we saw five huge lionfish all together on the dive site called The Boot, we knew if we could find them again during the derby, we could win biggest fish.”

Their largest lionfish was 44 centimetres (17.32 inches) in length and tipped the scales at more than two pounds. It was clearly speared by Lorne Saul-Demers since one of his spear tips was still lodged in its head when it hit the scoring table. Team Barbados Blue, who took 2nd place in the largest lionfish category, also walked away with 1st prize for the most fish caught in a single day, 112. Free Speorit, also of Barbados, 2nd. Barbados teams also dominated the smallest lionfish category, with High Tide scoring 1st and Free Speorit placing 2nd. This particular two-day derby featured the unusual category of best underwater photography, which was won by LINK, with Julian Walcott coming in 2nd.

“We thoroughly enjoyed competing in this derby,” said Glenroy Adams of Grenadines Dive on Union Island. “And Barbados hospitality was super as usual. Special recognition goes to all the staff of West Side Scuba, especially owner Peter Grannum, for their support of our multi-nation team and their expert knowledge of the Barbados waters.”