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PM tells why ULP should be returned

PM tells why ULP should be returned


Vincentians have been reminded why they should return the Unity Labour Party (ULP) to power.

Speaking on a raised platform a few hours after he and other persons landed at the Argyle International Airport (AIA) onboard a LIAT flight last Sunday, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves said that voters should return his ULP to power for a number of reasons.{{more}}

“I want to remind you why is it that you have to re-elect the Unity Labour Party,” said the Prime Minister, who stressed that persons must think about the party’s “tremendous record, phenomenal accomplishments in every single area of public policy.”

He said also that persons must re-elect the party because of its vision, policies and programmes.

“Even the NDP recognizes that, because when they asked Eustace in New York about his 12-year plan, his 15-year plan, what was his answer? Ask Ralph”, said Gonsalves, whose party used the “Ask Ralph” answer the New Democratic Party Leader (NDP) Arnhim Eustace gave at a town hall meeting in New York as a tag line for their 2015 re-election campaign.

Gonsalves said that when Eustace said “Ask Ralph” in New York, the ULP had already published their 2013 to 2025 development plan online.

The Prime Minister urged persons to give the ULP the opportunity to finish the airport, as well as a number of other capital projects that they have planned, some of which are already underway.(LC)