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‘Silky’ attends Toyota World Convention in Japan

‘Silky’ attends Toyota World Convention in Japan


With Bertille ‘Silky’ DaSilva’s visit to the Toyota World Convention (TWC) last week, this country may soon see the introduction of hybrid vehicles and other new vehicle technologies.

DaSilva, a well-known local automobile dealer and managing director of Star Garage Ltd,{{more}} attended the 11th TWC in Japan, which was held November 27 to 28.

The convention is a worldwide event, held every four years and this year it attracted over 150 countries.

According to general manager at Star Garage Joshua DaSilva, the main purpose of the convention was to look at new models and technologies, for example, the newly developed Hybrid models like the Prius and the RAV-4 Hybrid and the Mira (new fuel cell vehicle).

“Persons viewed the new fuel cell technology and the new models that are available to the world. We are looking how best to implement them in St Vincent and the Grenadines,” said Joshua, who noted that Star Garage introduced the first Prius to SVG in June 2015.

This year the TWC was held under the theme ‘Ever Better’ and according to Joshua, “all these new vehicles cater to the dynamic changing technologies that positively address climate change and carbon footprint.”

Vincentians can expect to see some of these vehicles here in 2016.