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Mulberry Bush celebrates 10th anniversary

Mulberry Bush celebrates 10th anniversary


A stimulating curriculum, a qualified, caring staff, clean and safe facilities are just a few of the positives you get when you decide to send your child to the Mulberry Bush Day Care and Pre-school.

Located at Kingstown Park, the institution, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, offers parents a home away from home for their children.{{more}}

“While you’re at work, you don’t have to worry about your child, we take very good care of the children here,” says Diane Patterson, owner and operator of the Mulberry Bush.

Patterson who has been operating Mulberry Bush since 2005, has a diploma in Early Childhood Development and having practised her trade in the United Kingdom, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the pre-school setting, allowing your child to grow and learn the right way.

Mulberry Bush Day Care and Pre-school boasts of seven capable loving teachers and a housekeeper. According to Patterson, “all are well trained to take care of the kids.”

Said Patterson, “We have just moved from New Montrose to our new building. This building is bigger, better and we are on more enclosed premises with fruit trees and a big yard, where kids run and play safely.”

Patterson said that at Mulberry Bush, children are educated thoroughly, so as to get them ready for primary school, while babies are given a mother’s care.

“We educate the children, we love them, we nurture them, we play with them,” said Patterson, who noted that the children are taught shapes, colours, numbers, the alphabet and phonics.

A typical day at the Mulberry Bush starts with breakfast and devotions, followed by free play. Children are allowed to choose books, puzzles or building blocks during free play. The older children have desk lessons, which is followed by a short snack break. There is also outdoor play and a music and dance time. Lunch is served hot everyday and provided by the school. Baths are also given and this is followed by nap time. Children can be kept up to 5 p.m. before pick-up.

The children also go to tennis lessons once a week and are tutored by a certified tennis coach. Field trips are also a regular part of the school’s curriculum.

Patterson said that the school’s format is a structured one that allows a child to develop and grow.

“Don’t take my word for it; come and see for yourself and I guarantee that you will love us,” said Patterson.(LC)