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‘Gonsalves’ children will feel full weight of political life’

‘Gonsalves’ children will feel full weight of political life’


New Democratic Party (NDP) candidate for Central Kingstown St Clair Leacock has warned Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves that once his children enter the political arena, they will feel the full weight of political life.

Speaking at a NDP public meeting in Redemption Sharpes on Tuesday night, Leacock referred to an advertisement that appeared on television and on social media, {{more}}in which Isis Gonsalves, daughter of the prime minister, accused the NDP of attacking and lying about her father in their attempt to gain power.

“I want Central Kingstown to pay attention to this. Isis is walking now in Central Kingstown with technicolor Jackson — in Green Hill — and when the people lock their doors and look out, this is how he introduce Isis – ‘This is the girl Dougie DeFreitas want to destroy’,” Leacock said.

DeFreitas, owner of NICE Radio, last week called on Isis to remove the video and threatened to also make his own video if she did not remove hers.

“So I say, Ralph, you have now brought your children fully into politics and they will feel the full weight of political life. Your son Storm tackled me a few months ago, you know. I didn’t answer him. I answered you, the father, because you should have rebuked the son.

“Isis is a big woman. She say you do no wrong. You have not as a father gone to her and say, ‘not so fast, my dear young lady. I have in fact done a few wrong; check it,’ and I said to him in Arnos Vale, if you don’t stop from this denial, the bowlee will burst.

“I say this much to Isis tonight, like your father, I too, have children, but not one of my children can work in St Vincent and the Grenadines, because they are my children.”

According to Leacock, not even his grandchildren would be able to return to St Vincent, if Gonsalves remains prime minister.

“You think it’s right that you could work here and I, who have done more voluntary work in this country than your father, can’t have my children and grandchildren work here?”

Leacock said after his wife was removed as head of the St Vincent Grammar School, she was placed at the Ministry of Education to “rot”.

He said she then got a position with the United Nations Education Scientific Organization (UNESCO).

“…And when she got something else, you said they cannot employ the wife of a senator to that position. Isis, did you know that?

“Did you know, Isis, that at Vinlec I worked for a salary of $106,000 a year. Over $8,000 a month – highly paid. Your father gave me two hours to leave Vinlec and go home and hand over everything.

“I have never begged you and your father for a job since that and the good Lord has blessed me; today, I’m still standing here,” Leacock said.(KW)