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‘Crappo smoke yuh pipe’ if NDP is elected – Camillo Gonsalves

‘Crappo smoke yuh pipe’ if NDP is elected – Camillo Gonsalves


The Unity Labour Party (ULP) candidate for East St George is claiming that under a New Democratic Party (NDP) government, Vincentians will suffer because the party has too many candidates who need to step down from politics.

This was the assertion of Camillo Gonsalves as he addressed a ULP meeting at Quarry last Tuesday, November 25 – warning the audience about the austerity measures {{more}}that the NDP would introduce.

“You poor, you vulnerable – crapaud smoke yuh pipe because they interested in a different class of people!” said Gonsalves.

“But the Unity Labour Party is a party for every single Vincentian. No matter your class, no matter your station in life, we want your condition to improve.”

He also said that the NDP knows that it should change many of its candidates but is afraid to do so because some of those persons hold a constituency seat.

“The New Democratic Party is holding on to the same set of grumpy, old men that they had from long time ago. And they talk about ‘time for a change’? If it’s time for a change, tell them change their leader… They running on that tire ‘til all the thread fall off the tire, and they ‘fraid to change the tire!” criticized Gonsalves.

“Tell them if they want change, look to the ULP…. This party has been changing continuously, but they still trying to ride a dead horse in Arnhim Eustace!”

Additionally, Gonsalves said that the members of the NDP already know that they have lost the December 9 general election.

“All of them trying to hold their own seat, so that when the captain out they hopefully go try survive.”

He noted that in the 17 years that the NDP was in power, it achieved significantly less than the ULP has in its almost 15 year reign.

“When we met a broken educational system, we changed it… We met a broken system of air transportation in this country, and we changed it,” he recalled.

Gonsalves also highlighted that during its time in power, the NDP only built three low-income houses, whereas, to date, the ULP has built 2,000 low-income houses.

“We believe that housing is a human right; that every human being in St. Vincent and the Grenadines has the human right to affordable, safe and comfortable housing. The New Democratic Party doesn’t believe that. The New Democratic Party say housing is alyuh business!”

He further insisted that the upcoming general election should not be taken lightly as it will decide the future of SVG.

Gonsalves inferred that the NDP’s campaign revolves around commess and lies; but that this is not what is needed to build the nation.

“You build a nation on plans, on policies, on programmes and on implementation…

“We going to win every seat on mainland St Vincent. So tell your NDP friends to light a candle, sing a Sankey and find their way back home to the Unity Labour Party… We winning again, and a vote for the NDP is a wasted vote in this election!” (JSV)