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Sol ‘Go Further’ line of fuels promises more miles

Sol ‘Go Further’ line of fuels promises more miles


SOL EC Limited St Vincent, in celebration of its 10th anniversary, has launched two new fuels, ‘SOL Go Further Diesel’ and ‘SOL Go Further Gasoline’.

Designed to improve engine performance and fuel economy, Sol Go Further Gasoline is expected to give motorists up to 10 kilometres more per tankful, based on average driving conditions in a 1.8 litre car with a full 50 litre gas tank, while Sol Go Further Diesel has been developed to increase {{more}} power output,enhance engine life and reduce emissions, as well as to provide greater fuel economy.

On Friday, speaking at the launch of the new products at Balcombe’s Estate, Villa, general manager SOL EC Limited St Vincent Steve Francis said that the SOL Group takes pride in the role the company plays as the leading supplier of energy products in the Caribbean basin and they are committed to ensuring that customers have access to quality products and services.

He stressed that the SOL Go Further line has an advanced formula which provides a state-of-the-art cleaning technology.

“With prolonged usage of our SOL Go Further products, motorists will be able to experience the benefits of better engine capability, emission reduction, less corrosion and improved fuel economy. This pioneering line of fuels was developed in response to extensive market research which indicated that Caribbean motorists needed a more reliable economic and innovative fuel that will provide maximum value for money,” said Francis.

He stressed that the launch of the Sol Go Further line in the Vincentian market represents SOL’s commitment of continued investment in the island’s energy landscape and also continued investment in the region.

“As the SOL brand continues to grow and evolve, we will provide our customers here in St Vincent and the Grenadines with quality innovative energy solutions and a world class service experience,” Francis told the gathering at the launch event.

Francis also revealed that on Friday, SOL reopened the Arnos Vale service station which is managed by Wilson Enterprises Inc. He noted that this station is the largest service station on the island and now has an expanded entrance and three pump islands, with the capability of accommodating up to 12 vehicles, while serving six vehicles simultaneously.

Francis also used the opportunity to thank customers who, he says, continue to contribute to SOL’s success.

He also said that SOL is pleased to be celebrating 10 years of operations here, adding, “We are truly grateful for the achievement we have accomplished since our launch in 2005. It is truly remarkable to see the growth we have made from a developing fuel company and evolving into the energy company of choice for people throughout the region.”

He stressed that SOL continues to solidify its presence in St Vincent and the Grenadines and remains committed to investing in this island’s energy landscape with the help of strong regional and international brands, such as Esso and Shell, under the umbrella company.

Also addressing the launch was Philip Payne, SOL’s Retail Network and Automation manager and Ken Figaro Regional manager Guyana/OECS.

Payne said that they were very excited to announce the launch of the new product to SVG. He noted that SOL is very cognizant of customers’ needs, while being aware that energy plays a huge role in people’s lives throughout the region.

“There is currently a recession going on and we asked our customers what they would like and many of them say we would like to have more value for money, more band for our buck, so SOL Go Further Gasoline and Diesel offers you up to 10 kilometres more per tankful for both products,” said Payne.

He noted that they introduced both products simultaneously, “to make lives better”.

Figaro saluted SOL on the product launch and the 10th anniversary. He said that they started in 2005 in 10 countries and now SOL is in 23 countries.

“We have extended more than twofold and this is something to be very happy about. Quality gasoline and diesel, and this will help you enjoy driving,” said Payne.

During the launch ceremony, persons were entertained by La Gracia Dancers, Rodney Small and Keido Foster, Starlift Steel Orchestra and a mini fashion show with designs from Lisa Cordice.(LC)