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PM holds ‘Ask Ralph’ session on Facebook

PM holds ‘Ask Ralph’ session on Facebook


Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves on Monday evening opened himself up to social media and invited persons to engage him through a question and answer (Q&A) session on Facebook.

His initial post read, “I am here, live, waiting for your questions. Please submit them in the comments. I look forward to talking about how, together, we’re going to uplift SVG. #AskRalph”.{{more}}

The invitation was followed by numerous questions about airport development, sports and health care and even about the phone sex tapes that have been making the rounds.

One of the first questions came from Jenry Ollivierre, who asked, “What are the government’s plan for sports development in SVG, especially in the Grenadines? Great idea this comrade, live Q&A”.

The PM answered: “On Bequia, Union Island and Canouan, we have plans to enhance playing fields and hard courts. We have done some work in this regard. For example, the Clive Tannis Playing Field rehabilitation. Also, a reminder of my personal involvement in that rehabilitation where I put $10,000 of my own money into that playing field. I asked our friend Godwin Friday to match me in that donation and he refused”.

Persons asked about the Argyle International Airport completion date which the PM put at March 2016. Questions also came about television service, the fisheries complexes, education, tourism marketing, among others.

Lesrene Scott-Gale asked him: “Why did you expose Isis to ridicule by having her defend your conduct? What kind of man does that to his own daughter?’

The Prime Minister answered: “Isis is a young, independent, mature woman and professional (attorney). She has spoken to the question of what this campaign is about. You may wish the campaign to be about something else, but it is about ideas, development and issues.”

Persons also used the session to congratulate the PM on some of his initiatives, while others voiced their opinions, objecting to some of his decisions.

In all, the PM answered questions for an hour and 45 minutes and signed off with these words, “I have been at it for a 1 3/4 hours and have answered dozens of questions. I am asking now to be excused. I am being requested for another event. And, remember, tomorrow, we have three meetings: a meeting in Green Hill, a meeting at Murray Village and a meeting at Belmont. The Comrade will be speaking at all three. And, so it will be for the rest of the campaign. God Bless. Labour Love. #4InnaRow. And, remember, do not waste your vote on the Opposition, the ULP is winning again!”(LC)