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‘Elections are about issues, not sex tapes’


The December 9 general elections are about issues, not about the ‘sex tapes’ which have been making the rounds of social media.

This point was made by Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves yesterday, as he responded to a question asked by a journalist at a press conference to launch the manifesto of the Unity Labour Party (ULP).{{more}}

The journalist asked: “There has been over the last two weeks or so what has been described as a sex tape making the rounds…. The male voice of this tape sounds strikingly similar to a prominent member of the ULP; do you think that this tape will have an impact on the ULP in the December 9 elections?”

“This election is about issues…the performance of the ULP… our plans and programmes and policies… [it] is about the quality of the candidates…leadership… the love that the ULP has for people… this election is about those things,” Gonsalves said in response.

“Anyone who wants to deal with issues other than those can deal with them; I’m not dealing with them,” he added.

The ULP political leader said that he knows the voters of St Vincent and the Grenadines and he is focused on their concerns and interests, because he has been focused on them from day one.

“That is what going to deliver the ULP a resounding victory!” he declared.

The tapes, which have been the topic of discussion on social, broadcast and traditional media, began making the rounds earlier this month.

The tapes surfaced just one day after Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves announced the election date and asked for the gutter politics to stop, while urging the politicians under his charge to embrace positive political stances.(AS)