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Coastguard lass tops Ham Radio course

Coastguard lass tops Ham Radio course


Despite being involved with another training session on the same dates, albeit at different times, AB Juanna Holder gained a perfect score, having undergone training leading up to a Novice class amateur radio licence.

The course ran from 5-7 p.m. daily to accommodate students and 8-4 workers, from November 16 -20.{{more}}

The course, among other things, focused on frequency allocations for radio amateurs, antenna theory and construction, emergency message handling, basic DC electricity and ham radio protocols and terms. The successful candidates (including a 13-year-old secondary school student Amani Scarborough) were notified that they are expected to provide emergency communications services if and when the local telephone system is rendered inoperable due to a disaster.

The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) is currently upgrading its domestic communications network and most of the persons trained island wide will be provided with radios to make this network operational. Regular simulations will also be held to keep radio operators’ skills sharp, as well as ensuring the functionality of the system.

The Rainbow Radio League Inc (RRL) has been conducting these courses free of cost on an annual basis as its contribution to national development in the area of wireless communications. The RRL director, Don De Riggs, wishes to thank sponsors SOL petroleum SVG and the NTRC for providing a healthy snack for the participants each day and NEMO for allowing the use of their conference room to conduct the training.

The next phase of the training for new radio operators will involve First Aid and CPR to be conducted early in 2016, as well as another ham radio training course scheduled for mid February 2016. (Contributed by: Donald De Riggs)