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Save-A-Lot rebrands as ‘Massy Stores Supermarket’

Save-A-Lot rebrands as ‘Massy Stores Supermarket’


After a two-week closure, the supermarket formerly known as Save-A-Lot has re-opened and rebranded as Massy Stores Supermarket.

At a relaunching ceremony held on Monday at the Upper Bay Street location, changes to the supermarket’s logo and interior were unveiled to the public.{{more}}

In introductory remarks, Vanessa DeSouza, manager of Massy Stores SVG, said that the decision to rebrand was taken after the parent company CFL SVG Supermarkets was taken over last year by Massy Stores Ltd – a Trinidad-based retail company with several branches throughout the Caribbean.

“We have transitioned and have now rebranded all three stores – Save A Lot, Super J Stoney Ground and Super J Arnos Vale – to Massy Stores, a name in the region with world class retailing and excellent customer service,” explained DeSouza.

She also noted that the decision to rebrand was not one that was entered into lightly.

“Customers can expect all the same great products which we offered in the past, with some new additions, based on market research and customer requests. Our stores now boast a more contemporary, modern look and, importantly, a more improved quality of service.”

DeSouza hastened to add that the rebranding exercise has not jeopardized any local jobs, and that the strong SVG leadership “remains intact”.

“We will continue to provide the same excellent service that we have built our reputation on in this market.”

Also present at the relaunch was Thomas Pantin, chair of Massy Stores Trinidad.

Pantin explained that the collective strength harnessed by Massy Stores throughout the region is “far greater than the abilities of each business in each territory competing on its own”.

“The truth of the current state of the world economy compels us all to believe now more than ever we have to band together as a region…

“Massy brings together these Caribbean minds to build and grow industries. We are involved in a number of diverse businesses – automotive, industrial equipment, construction, information technology and communications, energy and industrial gases, insurance, consumer finance and, of course, retail.”

The Massy Stores Trinidad boss said that this new step for St Vincent and the Grenadines is an indication that the parent company believes in the local economy and wants to build on the “strengths and excellence of this business and its leadership, and bring something that is innovative, accessible and convenient to the people… to uncomplicated your lives.”

Along with the rebranding to Massy Stores Supermarket, the Upper Bay Street location now includes a deli section and a pharmacy.

According to Petra Plato, marketing and corporate communications assistant, the Arnos Vale and Stoney Ground locations have only, thus far, been rebranded, but will also benefit from the introduction of a pharmaceutical unit in the future.

Plato added: “We are definitely working to serve each and every one of you every day and every time. We want to invite you to visit all of our stores for amazing benefits and much more.”

Customers who possess loyalty cards for the supermarket chain under its old branding have until February 2016 to redeem their points (regardless of how many points they have accumulated), and can apply for new cards under the new loyalty points system. (JSV)