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Sandy Bay resident wins free purchase from Courts

Sandy Bay resident wins free purchase from Courts


Edwin Nichols is enjoying his Woodhouse chair set that he recently purchased from Courts.

What’s making the chair set even more enjoyable is that Nichols would not have to pay one single penny for it,{{more}} since he is the lucky customer who got his purchase absolutely free in the recent Courts campaign.

“When Lisa called me, I thought it was a joke, but after I settled down and I realized it wasn’t a joke, I felt real good. It was a big shock.”

I made a credit purchase and wasn’t supposed to pay till January. Now, I don’t have to pay anything at all,” Nichols said.

Nichols was the big winner of the Courts “Game On” promotion, where customers took advantage of huge deals that were on offer, with one person taking home their purchase from the Trinidad and Tobago based furniture manufacturer Woodhouse, free.

The Magum, Sandy Bay resident says that he was happy to finally win something from the company that he has been a customer of for many years.

He indicated that he intends to continue shopping at Courts and encourages others to shop at Courts, especially during the upcoming holidays.

“I’m already campaigning for Courts to my friends and family. I tell them to make Courts their number one shop for whatever they need, and you never know, they might win something too.”