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PM condemns political graffiti at Sion Hill


Prime minister and political leader of the Unity Labour Party (ULP) Dr Ralph Gonsalves has condemned the application of political graffiti at the Sion Hill intersection.{{more}}

Speaking at the signing of the code of conduct at the Methodist Church Hall on Tuesday, Gonsalves expressed his disapproval at the practice that has been taking place in East Kingstown since the announcement of the election date on November 7.

“What is happening at Sion Hill is an absolute disgrace,” he said.

“I am hoping that we can get some entity which can help us to powerwash the place…”

Gonsalves said the intersection is too important and the wall that is there is too sacrosanct to be desecrated in the manner that it has.

He also disclosed that he had spoken to ULP candidate for East Kingstown Luke Browne about the markings.

“His justification to me, which is understandable, is that they (the NDP) had gone ahead and done it and his people felt they had to do something.”

The political leader said he responded to Browne by asking if they (the NDP) walk over a cliff if he would walk over the cliff with them.

The Prime Minister stated that the graffiti is a 20th century way of campaigning and there are presently alternative ways to do so, such as radio, television, social media, billboards and music.

Gonsalves said he had had meetings with persons asking them not to engage the activity.

“We can use our energies much better,” he said.

“We have taken a position that that should not be done.” (AS)