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National Trust expresses disgust with graffiti around SVG

National Trust expresses disgust with graffiti around SVG


The St Vincent and the Grenadines National Trust (The National Trust) has expressed its disgust at the political graffiti that has been applied in several areas around the country and has called for an immediate cessation of the use of political graffiti in all public places.

The National Trust says it has observed that in several places in the State and in particular in the area of Sion Hill,{{more}} political graffiti was applied to stone and concrete retaining walls, as well as concrete and asphalt road surfaces.

“This practice is unsightly and represents an objectionable destruction of the environment,” the release said.

“Moreover this political graffiti cannot be easily removed and most likely will not be removed when the general elections are over. We note that graffiti from the 2010 general elections remains visible on many surfaces across the State.”

The National Trust also registered its “disgust” at what it says is the deliberate destruction of the environment which will remain with us well into the next general elections, scheduled for 2020.

“This is clearly an unacceptable state of affairs for us as a people and for a country attempting to improve the visitor experience through its tourism product.”

The National Trust called for “an immediate cessation” of the use of political graffiti in all public places in the interest of all concerned about the development of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“We do not believe that this type of graffiti aids in or contributes to the decision making process of the electorate. In addition, we request that those responsible for the application of political graffiti, especially in highly visible areas such as the Sion Hill intersection, ensure its removal before or immediately following the upcoming general elections,” the release, issued on November 18 said.