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‘Don’t put SVG in hands of novices – Ian Douglas

‘Don’t put SVG in hands of  novices –  Ian Douglas


A Dominican politician has urged local voters to put their trust in the Unity Labour Party (ULP) on Election Day, December 9, to ensure the continued development of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

Ian Douglas, Dominica’s minister of trade, energy and education, who was a guest of the ULP at a rally last Saturday night at the Arnos Vale 2 Playing Field, advised those in attendance not to put SVG in the hands of inexperienced persons.{{more}}

“…they have no experience in government; nobody knows them anywhere; they have no links; they have no contacts…they have no reputation for hard work and success.”

Douglas, who has been a member of parliament for the last 15 years, told the audience that this country needs men in office who have a track record of success.

He said Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves knows about development, knows where to go and get money, has friends in the international community and is respected around the region.

“That is what you have in comrade Ralph Gonsalves…these are times for serious people in government, these are times for people with a tried and proven track record in government, these are times for who have a plan for development…,” the Domincan politician noted.

Douglas, who is the son of former leader of the Dominican Labour Party Michael Douglas and nephew of former Dominican prime minister Rosie Douglas, told the jam-packed field that if Vincentians want continued development, they must vote for the ULP.

“Do you want to see the completion of the international airport, do you want to see more of 1,500 low cost income homes that have been built for the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines…do you want to see the continuation of the CET programme? …That can only happen under comrade Ralph Gonsalves!”

He asked the crowd if they are going to surrender all the gains that have been made and urged Vincentians to think about the future, not only for themselves, but for their children and grandchildren.

Additionally he advised Vincentians to not only think about their respective candidates, but to focus on the development of the nation on a whole.

“Even if you have a problem with your candidates in your constituency…even if you are asking for something you didn’t get, yet is that a reason to vote against the ULP, brothers and sisters?

“Even if you are dissatisfied with one of these men on this stage here…is that reason to vote for a bunch of men who you know cannot run the country…,” Douglas continued

He also noted that not only is the prime minister crucial to the continued development of the country, but also the region.

“We cannot afford to lose a leader like Ralph now in the region.

Douglas also shared that he grew up seeing the prime minister create links and friends all over the world to help with the people of SVG, even before he was elected prime minister.

“I remember comrade Ralph and comrade Rosie Douglas travelling all over the world forging ties and links with international factors and friends to help the country, to help their fellow men and they were doing that even in opposition.”

The Dominican member of parliament also reminded Vincentians that only Prime Ministers Gonsalves and Roosevelt Skerrit of Dominica signed on the Petro Caribe and ALBA plan when it was proposed and they are now reaping the benefits of this agreement.

Douglas also sent a warning to the Opposition that slander and lies no longer work in politics.

“…the politics of slander doesn’t work anymore. The politics of lies and propaganda does not work anymore; people want to deal with the bread and butter issues that are affecting their lives…people want you to deal with health care and education, housing and social programmes that this government has out in place for your development…these are the issues that we should focus on.

“…politics today is not about lies…, politics today is about love,” the Dominican parliamentarian continued.

Douglas told the audience that he commends the leadership of Dr Gonsalves, his tenacity and his ability to keep SVG afloat in the height of the global financial crisis.

He also told the audience that he is the nephew of former principal of the St Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua, the late sister Patricia Ann Douglas, which caused rousing applause across the playing field.

The government minister also thanked Vincentians for their help in the aftermath of the passage of tropical storm Erika.

“Let me say thank you to you the good people of St Vincent and the Grenadines on behalf of the people of Dominica for your help and assistance one month ago when we went under from tropical storm Erika. I want to say thank you from the bottom of heart brothers and sisters, that is what Caribbean unity is all about,” Douglas told the listening audience.(CM)